Can A Gynecologist Tell If A Woman Is Pregnant By A Pelvic Exam? | Makkar Hospital

Best Gynecologist In Delhi

Besides from the outward detectable signs like the darker line to your navel and darker nipples, heavier breasts, standing more in lordosis with the pelvis tilted more forward, on the pelvic exam the cervix would be softer, one would feel the uterine arteries pulsating and the womb being enlarged. Best hospital In East Delhi

Best hospital In East Delhi

Yes. Size of the uterus at 12 weeks is quite easily palpable by bi-manual examination. But your tests are coming up to be negative(bHCG) and thus removing the doubt of pregnancy despite not having your menses. Best hospital In East Delhi

Best hospital In East Delhi

Best hospital In East Delhi If your Dr didn’t get any urine strip testing or blood sampling for the specific hormone of pregnancy(HCG), well, he could have gone through medical imaging like ultrasonography… but all this is costly when we want to help you out as soon as possible and is also cost-efficient.

I know in some countries, they’d ask for an ultrasound to confirm that there no pregnancy despite having negative tests as mentioned above. I personally believe your Dr was/is very professional

Best hospital In East Delhi

At the very least, a gynecologist can pick up probable signs of pregnancy at his time. Usually, by this point, the cervix and the top of the uterus will be soft, and the cervix often has a deep purple or bluish tinge due to increased blood flow. Best hospital In East Delhi

As the PP stated, you would likely be able to feel the top of the uterus just above the pubic symphysis (where your pubic hair is).

If you still believe that you are likely pregnant I encourage you to get a second opinion and an ultrasound.

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Best NICU Hospital in Delhi | Makkar Multispeciality Hospital

Best NICU Hospital In Delhi – Makkar Multispeciality Hospital:

The entry of new life into this world is an unimaginable voyage. In any case, when you have a baby with uncommon necessities, the situation can be alarming and overwhelming. You would require your kid to be in safe hands. Best NICU Hospital In Delhi With the Neonatology Department at Makkar Multi Specialty Hospital, you can be ensured to get perfect nonstop to take care of your unfavorable youngsters or full-term

Best NICU Hospital in Delhi

infant kids with trapped neonatal issues like birth give up, low birth weight, heart and lung issues, jaundice, glucose shot, nephrology, and neurologic issue and other essential conditions. Makkar Hospital is the Best NICU Hospital in Delhi Bringing universal quality consideration to Delhi, India.

Best NICU Hospital In Delhi 

The way toward birthing isn’t just a praised event all through the world yet, in addition, a novel encounter. The unit has been imagined and planned with the point of commending this upbeat event. The gathering is upheld by an exceedingly prepared and proficient group of Doctors, medical caretakers, paramedics, and client care staff who need to be a piece of this event of “Conveying Joy.” Makkar Hospital is the Best NICU Hospital in Delhi – BECAUSE CHILDREN NEED – A CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL.

Progressed computerized gear and frameworks for the observing and care of new-conceived include: Makkar Hospital is one of the top Pediatrics and Neonatology medical clinics in Delhi. Our best Pediatric Doctors &Surgeon group we give world-class Pediatric.

Best NICU Hospital in Delhi

Committed High-Frequency Ventilator (Sensor Medics, the USA without precedent for Delhi)

Ordinary Ventilators

Committed Nasal CPAP drivers (Infant Flow drivers)

Nonstop Trans-cutaneous Carbon Dioxide Monitoring

Blood Gas Analyser (selective to the neonatal unit)

Separation Room

Best in class Bedside Physiological Monitors

Hatcheries and Open Head Warmers

Computerized Syringe and Infusion Pumps

Extraordinarily Designed Nursery to advance the improvement of the new-conceived (extraordinary lighting to help rest/wake cycle, low encompassing commotion level)

Gear At Makkar Multispeciality Hospital:


Neonatal Ventilators

Propelled High-Frequency Ventilators


AdvancedCPAP system(Infant stream driver)

Air pocket CPAP

Warmers (Neonatal Open Care System)

Mixture and Syringe Pumps

Transport Incubator/ventilator with Embrace

Heartbeat Oximetry

Multipara Monitor

Single and twofold surface phototherapy units

Transport ventilator

Parental Nutrition arrangement

Post Discharge Support:

High dangers follow up &Neurosensory incitement and Early mediation treatment guarantee ordinary Neurodevelopment/Growth of your valuable infant.

In the time of the family unit, customary Antenatal class and parental training to deal with an infant at home and stay away from legends before release.


Pediatric Infectious Diseases: 

Infant kids, children, and young people with serious and perpetual overwhelming illnesses are being managed under uncommon helpful consideration.

Tyke Development: 

Coordinating and Therapies for directing and treating learning and talk issue, a psychological lopsidedness, ADHD and another developmental issue.

Pediatric Pulmonology/Allergy/Immunology : 

Youths with respiratory dissipates are managed under the ambit of present-day advancement. We give pneumonic limit testing (PFT), affectability testing, bronchoscopy, and pediatric radiology organizations.

Child Neurology: 

Pushed mind imagining workplaces are available for fitting evaluation and seeing of patients. Our Neurologists have high ability in pediatric epilepsy, cerebral agony, neuro-oncology and various diseases affecting psychological well-being.

Pediatric Cardiology: 

Having a legacy of 20 years in Cardiac Care, we practice best in the treatment of intrinsic or obtained pediatric coronary disease and pediatric heart medicinal method.

Pediatric Endocrinology: 

Explicit capacity is open for the treatment of diabetes, advancement and metabolic bone issue and youth chubbiness

Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition: 

Youths with esophageal, gastrointestinal, liver, pancreatic and healthy messes are managed under the whole agency of Gastroenterology, and GI Surgery has well-known masters and present-day development.

Pediatric Nephrology: 

Best doctors with ultra-present day innovation treat babies and youngsters with complex kidney sicknesses and urologic conditions.

Pediatric Hematology and Oncology: 

Youngsters with a wide scope of innate and obtained blood issue including Thalassemia are being given the best treatment.

At Makkar Multispeciality medical clinic NICU, we take unique consideration of our patients with the assistance of ICU masters, and we even call exceptional specialists on interest if necessary. Advance machines, the hardware causes us to take unique consideration of the patient in ICU. Best NICU Hospital In Delhi  We guarantee our Quality and put our whole exertion to try to convey the best quality ICU office in the emergency clinic and furthermore Best Pediatric ICU Hospitals in Delhi

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Can A Gynaecologist Provide Treatment For vaginismus? If yes, where in Delhi Is Such A Gynaecologist Available?

Best Gynecologist in Delhi is Mrs. Shivali Makkar 

Best Gynecologist in Delhi is Mrs. Shivali Makkar who is likewise the proprietor of Makkar Multispeciality Hospital arranged in East Delhi. Gynecologist or gynecology is the remedial work on dealing with the quality of the female regenerative structures and the chests.

Best Gynecologist In Delhi

Outside pharmaceutical, the term implies “the craft of ladies”.A gynecologist treats the general soundness of their female patients, treating issues and sicknesses of the female regenerative system, for instance, chest and hormonal issues, urinary tract, and pelvic issue, and tumor of the cervix. Much of the time than not, a gynecologist is an obstetrician as well.

Offices and Services at Makkar Multispeciality Hospital:- Best Gynecologist In Delhi

1. Makkar MultiHospital is sterile and tidiness is dealt with the need in Makkar Hospital.

2. Makkar Multi Specialty Hospital uses the latest development for a movement of the adored infant.

3. The recuperating office contains a totally equipped work live with experts headed by Dr. Shivali Makkar (gynecologist and obstetrician) for the movement of the newborn child, the recuperating office asserts a neonatal concentrated unit too.

Best Gynecologist In Delhi

4. In like manner, you have any vanity issues you can contact Dr. Shivali Makkar.

5. The Hospital has a 95% satisfaction rate with all of the cases managed worship and care.

6. Moreover, the Department of Gynecology deals with the quality of the female conceptive structures and the chests.

7. Besides medicine, the term means “the craft of women”. Its accomplice is andrology, which oversees remedial issues specific to the male regenerative structure.

If you are scanning for Best Gynecologist in Delhi counsel a Dr. Shivali Makkar, a most standard specialist. Being a gynecologist/obstetrician she grasps each and every factor identified with pregnancy. Best Gynecologist In Delhi

she takes after all of the techniques for treatment in the wake of having a significant handle on the patient history and proceeds with her examination, helpful test, and treatment in like way.

Best Gynecologist In Delhi

At Makkar Hospital you can in like manner take a plan for the female issue or most customary gyne issues like Best Gynecologist In Delhi

Ovarian rankles.

Pelvic torment.


Uterine fibroids.

Polycystic ovarian issue (PCOS)

Skin breaks out and odd female hair transport.

Genital tract ailments.

Vulva and vagina skin issue, etc.

To Make an arrangement best gynecologist in Delhi

Contact: +91 9555883399 

For the best Gynecologist is Delhi – Mrs. Shivali Makkar

Makkar Multispeciality Hospital

Address: A 1,2, Priyadarshini Vihar


Telephone :(011) 2246 2221,431017929 

Fax :(011)224669

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Which Is The Best Hospital In Delhi For Physiotherapy? | Makkar Hospital

Best Hospital In East Delhi

Best Physiotherapists in India is Makkar Multispeciality Hospital +9555883399. Physiotherapy is something which loosens up our body and brain in different ways. Exercise-based recovery has positively gained impressive ground from the primary filed record of the expert of medicine himself, Hippocrates, to bleeding edge electronic and sensible physio drugs. Best Hospital In East Delhi

Best Hospital In East Delhi

The getting has extended and extended tremendously completed the latest two decades, and now joins. It’s a treatment which aides generally the senior individuals yet now and again even us or some other age assembled individuals can require in their life. Best Hospital In East Delhi We offer customized exercise based recuperation that gives the administration to enable your recuperation, wellness performance. practices base on putting the lumbar spine in a flexed position to decrease super lumbar lordotic nerves.

WHY PHYSIOTHERAPIST? Best Hospital In East Delhi

Physiotherapy is a degree-based social assurance calling. Physios utilize their insight and aptitudes to improve a degree of conditions related to various frameworks of the body, for instance, Best physiotherapy in Delhi Neurological (stroke, different sclerosis, Parkinson’s)

Best Hospital In East Delhi

Neuromusculoskeletal (back torment, whiplash-related strife, sports wounds, joint torment)

Cardiovascular (unending coronary affliction, recovery after heart strike)

Respiratory (asthma, unending obstructive pneumonic pollution, cystic fibrosis).Physiotherapists work in a gathering of specialisms in success and social consideration. In like manner, two or three physiotherapists are secured with rule, research, and association.

Furthermore, the physiotherapist looks x-bars, lab tests, medicinal records, and careful notes. … Physiotherapy treatment can join restorative activities, manual treatment, needle treatment, electrical modalities, for example, TENS or ultrasound, and work setting. A physiotherapist advances freedom.

Neurological PhysiotherapyBest physiotherapy in India

Damage to your central tactile framework, including your cerebrum and spinal line, infers that the messages from your psyche are not accomplishing the impacted pieces of your body. This can achieve the loss of improvement and sensation, clumsy advancement, weak and floppy muscles, fit and tremor.

Best Hospital In East Delhi

Neurological Physiotherapy can kick-start the message pathways that your cerebrum is endeavoring to use, to make new pathways through grim exercises and exercises. Best Hospital In East Delhi An enormous number of our clients who experience Neurological Physiotherapy can upgrade symptoms, for instance, challenges with loss of change, loss of hand and arm, or leg and footwork, walking, spasticity, and torment.


Makkar Multispeciality Hospital

Address: A 1,2, Priyadarshini Vihar


Telephone :(011) 2246 2221,431017929

Fax :(011)22466992

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Benefits of Healthy having Lifestyles With Makkar Multispecialty Hospital

When you are searching for the best nutritionist and dietetics clinic in Delhi, Do not falter and Directly come to Makkar Multispeciality Hospital +9155883399Best Gyne In East Delhi Makkar Hospital has the best nutritionist and dietetics in Delhi and other medicinal guardian expert helping women find harmony with sustenance, recognize their customary body measure and recover from hormonal issues.

Best Gyne In East Delhi

Our nutritionist and dietetics are dedicated to conclusion eating routine culture and helping women make harmony with their normal body estimate. Best Gyne In East Delhi Our specialists have information on clear comprehensive prosperity – from sustenance to advancement to viewpoint that is a truly necessary boost in this sporadically unnecessarily negative world we live in.

Sustenance is the science that unravels the coordinated effort of enhancements and diverse substance in sustenance in best nutritionist and dietetics clinic in Delhi association with supporting, improvement, multiplication, prosperity, and disease of a living being. Eating a balanced eating routine is essential for good prosperity and flourishing.  Best Gyne In East Delhi Sustenance outfits our bodies with the imperativeness, protein, central fats, nutrients and minerals to live, create and work truly. We require a wide scope of sustenances to give the right proportions of enhancements for good prosperity. 

For now, poor sustenance can add to the weight, tiredness and our capacity to work, and after some time, it can add to the threat of structure up a couple of ailments and other medical issues, for instance, being overweight or forceful. tooth spoil. hypertension.

Best Gyne In East Delhi

Advantages of Healthy having Lifestyles. 

A sound lifestyle has both short and whole deal therapeutic points of interest. The whole deal, eating a balanced eating routine, taking ordinary exercise and keeping up a sound weight can add quite a while to your life and lessen the risk of explicit afflictions including harm, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and huskiness. In the transient, it can similarly impact you to feel and look extraordinary, give you greater imperativeness and empower you to keep up a sound weight.

Best Gyne In East Delhi

The best approach to diminishing the peril of these contaminations is taking off little enhancements to your everyday lives – eating progressively beneficial sustenance, getting your 5-a-day, having treats sporadically, and taking more exercise.  Best Gyne In East Delhi Improving your lifestyle with minimal positive advancements will profoundly influence your flourishing.

Best Nutritionist and Dietetics Hospital in Delhi

If it’s not too much trouble Contact

Makkar Multispeciality Hospital

Address: A 1,2, Priyadarshini Vihar


Telephone :(011) 2246 2221,431017929

Fax :(011)22466992

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What is the best diet plan for pregnancy? | with Makkar Multispeciality Hospital

Makkar Multispeciality Hospital

Following a legitimate pregnancy diet is fundamental for the child’s development. Each mother-to-be ought to be instructed on the advantages of eating supplement rich sustenance and keeping up a sound eating routine for the entire nine months of pregnancy. Best Gynaecologist in Delhi

However, what is the most basic nourishment to eat during pregnancy? Here is an object on the different things expecting moms should know:

What are the huge 5 supplements I ought to take? 

Iron, Folic Acid, Zinc, Calcium and Fiber.

An iron enhancement is fundamental as just 10% of iron from your eating routine gets ingested. Best Gynaecologist in Delhi To expand its ingestion, take Vitamin C tablets; they lift iron retention from the gut. Sustenances wealthy in iron are beets, green verdant vegetables like spinach, pomegranate, jaggery, cabbage, and so on.

Folic Acid: This nutrient decreases the neural cylinder deformities like spina bifida by 70%. It is to be taken from origination up to the underlying a month and a half of pregnancy. Best Gynaecologist in Delhi It is very fundamental to keep up sound cerebrum and sensory system advancement of the child. Nourishments rich in folic corrosive are lentils, beans, nuts, citrus products of the soil verdant vegetables. Settle on the folic corrosive enhancement on the off chance that you are not especially partial to your greens.

Zinc inadequacy during pregnancy is related to development surrenders and unexpected labor. Zinc is regularly found in nuts and vegetables, yet is in wealth in meat and fish.

Your Calcium prerequisite assumes a significant job in the second and third trimester when the teeth and bone development of the child are at its pinnacle. Best Gynaecologist in Delhi The child takes in calcium from the mother’s body so pile up on this significant supplement from dairy items, green verdant vegetables and so forth.

Fiber (found in vegetables, grains and organic products) is significant for expanding roughage to dodge issues like clogging because of heaps.

The significant 5 nutrition classes that ought not to be dismissed:

Every single pregnant lady diet ought to contain these real 5 nutritional categories for solid infant development.

Natural products – ideally crisp, however canned, solidified dried additionally check. 100% juice will likewise do

Grains – cereal, bread, pasta

Vegetables – Prefer to utilize crisp produce

Proteins – meat, egg, poultry, peas, beans, nuts, seeds are largely great wellsprings of proteins

Dairy – The dairy gathering comprises of milk and milk items like cheddar, frozen yogurt, and yogurt

Do I need omega 3 unsaturated fats?

Truly completely! Omega 3 unsaturated fats help in neurological advancement before birth and help to improve vision, language perception and memory in early youth. It likewise decreases post-conveyance sorrow.

Pecans, flaxseed oil and fish oil enhancements are great wellsprings of omega 3 unsaturated fats.

would it be a good idea for me to be ‘eating for two’?

The appropriate response is no. Best Gynaecologist in Delhi The greater part the pregnant ladies put on an excessive amount of weight during pregnancy due to the ‘eat for two’ idea, raising odds of gestational diabetes in pregnancy and bringing forth horribly overweight infants and making the infant’s conveyance troublesome.

Keep up a solid BMI (Body Mass Index) and eat just until you feel full and not more. In case you’re pregnant with a solitary child, you will require 340 calories extra for every day in the subsequent trimester and around 450 additional calories in the third.

what nourishments would it be a good idea for me to abstain from during pregnancy?

Unpasteurized dairy items like crude milk and cheddar, crude fish and meat might be hurtful for the child. Continuously eat prepared nourishment.

Evade fish like mackerel, shark or other enormous seawater fish type that may contain large amounts of mercury

Economically created, prepared nourishments ought to be kept away from because of their high salt and sugar content

Liquor in any amount is destructive for the infant as it crosses the placenta influencing the child’s development

Smoking during pregnancy ought to be stopped and continued simply after the obstetrician’s endorsement

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Which Is The Best Hospital In East Delhi For Gynecologist?

Makkar Hospital With Multispecialty Services

Multi-Specialty emergency clinics in Delhi is the Best Hospital In East Delhi which arrangement in restorative administrations establishments giving treatment in various fields by specific masters. In Delhi, the Makkar Multi-Specialty specialist’s office generally contains human administrations office in its territory, with broad amounts of beds however thought couldn’t mindless and whole deal care of the patients.

Best Hospital In East  Delhi

Makkar Multispecialty center in Delhi is assessed as the Best Hospital in Delhi with Multiple Facilities. Best Hospital In East Delhi The Makkar Multispecialty emergency clinic focus is spoken to significant expert in various groupings.

Makkar specialist’s office is remarkable contrasted with another facility in Delhi, arranged in east Delhi which gives excessively extraordinary organizations to their patients as demonstrated by their necessities and requirements. All of the experts, restorative guardians and various staffs named to this current specialist’s office are cultivated and arranged to pay little mind to their task ad profile which they work for.

The recuperating office has especially arranged machines and various instruments which super-quality centers must have. Makkar Hospital also gives 24*7 office and have a good power fortification as a result of which calm need not find the opportunity to suffer at all with any issues.

WE ARE HYGENIC – Best Hospital in Delhi 

Talking about the prosperity issues in Makkar medical clinic, We give the best with respect to the security of patients and their dear ones. It has some specially arranged screens additionally who manage the recuperating focus premises and the all-inclusive community appear over there. We manage every single thing.

Heading off to the tidiness and taking care of neatness, we understand that its the most basic for a recuperating focus to keep up and we are getting it done to take care of it. You’ll never need to state with respect to it on and on, our staffs know everything properly and which makes us uncommon contrasted with other recuperating offices in Delhi.

Best Ambulance administrations at Makkar Multispecialty Hospital 

Makkar Hospital in like manner gives the best crisis vehicle advantage which will reach to you ASAP. Best Hospital In East Delhi We have the drivers who are specially arranged and fit for driving safely and snappy as well. The salvage vehicle gave by the Makkar Hospital office furthermore involves basic equipment which patient would require on an emergency reason like oxygen barrel and various sorts of stuff with an overall arranged accomplice. We treat our patient with the best we have and endeavor our best to fix it and most outrageous gets relieved perfectly. For more focal points, tap on our social associations gave.

If you are glancing through the best treatment in these conditions. Book a course of action at the Best Hospital in Delhi +91 9555883399. 

Best Hospital In East  Delhi

Makkar Hospital is assessed as the best recuperating focus in Delhi because of the organizations which they give and Doctor’s bent. Here at Makkar Hospital, you will have the all-out piece of mind in case you have any medicinal issues in light of the ace masters, particular equipment, organizations and accomplishment rate in recovering restorative issues.

Makkar Hospital Specialists – Best Hospital in Delhi

Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

Nervous system science

Obstetrics and Gynecology

General Surgery

Insignificant Access Laparoscopic Surgery

Interior Medicine

ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

Orthopedic medical procedure

Joint Replacement

Giving Total Cardiology Solution

Nephrology Surgery


Vascular Surgery

ENT – Ear, Nose, Throat

24 Hrs Lab Service-Makkar Multi-Speciality Hospital


Full Blood Count (FBC)

Full Blood Count (FBC) is a development of tests used to assess the game-plan and meeting of the cell sections of blood. It contains:

Red platelet (RBC) check

White platelet (WBC) check and platelet tally

Estimation of hemoglobin and mean red cell volume

Solicitation of white platelets (WBC differential)

Figuring of hematocrit and red platelet records


A kidney work test helps in looking over the kidney work. It incorporates:

Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) Test – Measures the proportion of nitrogen contained in the zone. High BUN levels can display kidney brokenness, anyway since the BUN is moreover influenced by protein assertion and liver utmost, the test is generally done together with a blood creatinine, a progressively explicit marker of kidney work.

Best Hospital In East  Delhi

Creatinine Test – This test estimates blood levels of creatinine, an indication of muscle centrality handling that, like urea, is sifted from the blood by the kidneys and discharged into the pee, a raised blood creatinine level is a more fragile marker of weakened kidney work than the BUN.24 Hrs lab advantage in East Delhi  Best Hospital In East Delhi

Other blood tests – Measurement of the blood levels of different portions composed to a limited degree by the kidneys can in like way be significant in studying kidney work. These unite sodium, potassium, chloride, bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, protein, uric damaging, and glucose.


General research office screening for the going with:

Lively Dengue Test

Stool for Occult Blood

Stool for Culture (Sal, Shi, Cho)

Hepatitis A Screen

Hepatitis B Screen

Hepatitis An and B Screen

Hepatitis C Screen

Cholesterol Profile

Pharmaceutical Screening in Urine

Blood level for liquor


Contact Makkar Multi-claim to fame Hospital For 24Hrs Lab administration in East Delhi

Makkar Multi-claim to fame Hospital is appraised as the best Lab Service Provider in East Delhi. Contact +91-9555883399

Interface With Us

Address: A 1,2, Priyadarshini Vihar


Telephone :(011) 2246 2221,431017929

Fax :(011)22466992


Medical clinic Opening Hours 24X7

Monday—Friday (OPD): 11:00AM–2:00PM

Saturday and Sunday (OPD): 11:00AM–3:00PM

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